When Did Fortnite Battle Royale Come Out

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As we know that in Fortnite, there is Fortnite Creative. In this mode, you have a chance to be able to control the creation of your own private islands for others to experience. All of the features that you put into the island then can be saved for later use. Beginning on December 13th, 2018, this mode is available to all players.

In the Fortnite Creative, you are able to imagine a place where you create the rules and it is contained with your favorite things and also your favorite people. So, as a player, you are able to make your own island. Then, you are also able to play map of others. What map do you want to play? If you want to play 1v1 Creative maps, here we have some best 1v1 Creative map codes that you are able to use to visit and play.

In these map codes, you will be able to see the cleanest maps and also the best graphic settings so that these maps has the best looking ones. Also, these maps has a lot of weapons. So, what are they? Here they are.

  • 8117-5666-6846

In this map, you are on a yacht and you will get a shotgun SMG when you start to play. Whenever someone dies in this game, the winner player will get all his health and shield replenished. There is Pacific island which you can go and you are also able to watch the fight from that place.

  • 7660-1644-1124

This map can be called as the floating island Coliseum. Player at the start will be spawn on a different island and you are able to pick whatever weapon. You can go on the floating volcano and using redeploy get to the Coliseum.

  • 6894-6713-4238

In this map, this is an automatic underwater arena. It has neon light effect and on top of all, you can walk on it if you have some spectators. At the start of the game, you are able to pick whatever weapon that you want and loadout. For the starting point, both borders will be automated so that each player needs to go into the middle and then after doing three seconds, the borders will drop down and you are able to start fighting.

  • 2404-0324-2489

This is an actual underwater tunnel. Here, you are able to see the entire board. There is a specific cube where you are able to fight then whenever at the gameplay it will have that moving light effect which looks awesome.

There are some other codes of best 1v1 Maps in Fortnite Creative. Here they are.

  • 3662-4621-7075

This map was created by John-Raymond-yt

  • 2679-9381-0648

This map was created by Snownymous

  • 7148-9325-7876

This map was created by Chitaz

  • 2290-9727-2307

This map was created by Yt_MrMethos.

  • 4211-0183-4129

This map was created by Itch

So, you are able to explore these best 1v1 Creative Map by using the codes. Then, you are able to decide which map your favorite is.

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