When is Galactus Coming to Fortnite?

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On November 30, 2020 is the date when the Fortnite Season 4 is over. Together with this, there are a lot of Fortnite players wondering when the Galactus will be coming to Fortnite. As many Fortnite fans know that Galactus is upcoming ever which could be the biggest event ever. Are you also curious when Galactus comes to Fortnite?

Galactus will come to Fortnite on ………

Unfortunately, there is no official announcement from Epic Games related to the Galactus coming to Fortnite. While a lot of Fortnite data miners already leak the Battle Pass challenge table which is showing the Galactus not too far away from the Fortnite island. Well, many Fortnite fans can guess that the Galactus is already here, coming to Fortnite soon.

When is Galactus Coming to Fortnite

You may already see the Fortnite Season 4 trailer which shows the Galactus coming down to the Fortnite map. Now, we are 10 weeks in Fortnite Season 4 and there is still no confirmation from Epic Games for the exact time of the Galactus coming.

If the players deeply pay attention to Fortnite maps so they can zoom in on the sky to catch the images of Galactus coming down to Fortnite. Of course, when the exact time the Galactus comes down to Fortnite still comes on everyone’s mind. Well, it does not wonder if many speculations come at this point.

What Fortnite data-miners say?

So as with some Fortnite data miners which leak for the coming of the Galactus to Fortnite. First, we have PeQu, as Fortnite data miner which has posted a tweet with a new render leak. At his tweet, it shows Thor, She-Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man which seems ready to confront an overlooking Galactus. However, it can be a parameter the Galactus will be coming soon, ready to kick things off.

Another speculation is that the Galactus takes his sweet time to make it to the island and push any event back to the end of the Season 4 or when the Fortnite Season 5 starts. It is the least likely option.

If we could compare Galactus’s coming again to the meteor which broke down Dusty Depot in the first Chapter’s Season 4, of course anything could take a while. You may already know that the meteor was first seen nearly a month and a half before it crashed into the Fortnite island. However, many Fortnite fans guess that the Galactus will not quite take a long time to arrive.

The Fortnite Season 4 will end on November 30, 2020. Indeed, that’s so surprising in which the Fortnite fans waited so long for the Galactus to land and start his terror. Absolutely, he is a giant being but zooming in with a sniper will present a fully rendered model of the villain. After all, the Devourer of Worlds definitely appears quite close to the Fortnite island.

Second, the Fortnite data miner named FireMonkey also shared and discovered the model of the Galactus which will be coming to Fortnite island that you can see on the tweet @iFireMonkey. FireMonkey Plainly showed the look of the Galactus which is diving from the sky to the Fortnite island with his clenched fists.

From the two influential Fortnite data miners above, we definitely can take a point that the Galactus will be arriving at Fortnite as soon as possible.

What’s for the Galactus to come to the Fortnite island?

In fact, Epic Games has collaborated with Marvel for Chapter 2 Season 4. In this season, Fortnite has been a surprising success so far. You may know, Marvel has brought some of the most popular superheroes to Fortnite. Here, Epic Games is making the best of the chance.

For Galactus’s arrival to the Fortnite island not far away again, that can be a real fact as the Collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel. Of course, Epic Games want to stage the Galactus to come to Fortnite island as the upcoming event transformation.

In other words, the Galactus will be coming to the Fortnite island to exploit a powerful source of energy. Then, the Marvel Super Heroes here are the only gestures capable enough to thwart his plans. Well, Iron Man is ready to work on the battle bus and a Black hole device.

Similar to Midas’ Doomsday device, Iron Man can really use his Black Hole device to beat Galactus. In this process, the Galactus may end up to create chaos which transforms to the island yet again. Remembering that it may be Fortnite’s biggest event ever which is so hard to deduce the exact details.

In this case, the veteran Fortnite players will recognize that the recent events are similar to the Fortnite Chapter One’s storyline. The efficacious source of the energy here was the Zero Point. Then, the storyline revolved around some battles to access the power source. Well, Chapter One’s island will automatically transform, following a gigantic explosion.

How did the Fortnite island change after the Galactus’s arrival?

Hypex, as one of trusted Fortnite data miners has uploaded a GIF for the event’s countdown on his tweet. But there is no exact time and also location related to the countdown’s. But many Fortnite fans trust that it will most be on the holo table. Well, the holo table here is the BR map table in which the players are able to see their challenges.

Of course, you know that the countdown for Galactus’ arrival has already begun. For the result, there will be certain changes in The Ruins POI on the Fortnite map. Moreover, the helicarrier as the recently spawn island in the game is going to float above The Ruins POI.

The players hope to be able to get access to the secret vault in the helicarrier. Then, they are able to use their weapon to defeat the Galactus in the battle.

Many Fortnite players ask questions whether they will have just a live event or they have a big limited time mode to the Thanos mode from the Avengers: End Game where they can do their superhero powers and confront the armies of the Galactus.

How about you? Are you ready to against the Galactus using your powerful weapon?

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