When is the Doomsday Event Going to Happen in Fortnite

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The developer of Fortnite called Epic Games have once again delayed the Doomsday event and the start date for the Season 3 of Fortnite. The fan-dubbed Doomsday event, known as The Device, will now be happening on June 15th whereas the start of the Season 3 will occur on June 17.

Update #2

Epic Games have delayed The Device or the fan-dubbed Doomsday event while confirming it as a one time only event. This one was previously scheduled to happen at the end of May, but they have delayed the formerly named Doomsday event to June 6th at the 11:00 PT, 14:00 ET, and 19:00 BST. In addition to being delayed, they have also advised that you arrive in Fortnite 30 minutes early to try to secure a spot as space will be limited. As stated before, as well as The Device event being delayed, the start date for the Season 3 has also been postponed as it will now occur on June 11th.

Update #1

Lots of fans of Fortnite have been asking when the unofficially called Doomsday event is happening, but now there is a date thanks to a countdown timer which suggests it will occur on May 30th. In addition to that date, the countdown timer also suggests that the event called the Doomsday event will happen in Fortnite at 11:05 PT, 14:05 ET, and 19:05 BST. You are encouraged to keep reading the original story in order to see what hints have been given for the fan-dubbed Doomsday event and its potential ramifications for season three.

Where is the Doomsday device in Fortnite? The Doomsday device in the game is an ominous construction that is able to be seen in the Battle Pass menu. Even though this one has not officially been referred to as a Doomsday device by the developer of Fortnite, the leakers and fans have dubbed it as such. In regard to who is the one that responsible for the end of the world contraption in the making, a lot of people guess around the internet involve Midas. This device has been constantly evolving in different stages and FortTory has captured screenshots to show its evolution.

When is the Doomsday event in Fortnite happening? The Doomsday event in the game should happen just before or exactly on June 15th. As for the reason why the event should happen before or on the aforementioned date, it is because it is when season three is planned to officially start.

No one knows what to expect from the prophesied end of the world, but a Twitter user and a frequent leaker called iFireMoney has suggested that the season two map will be flooded. It aligns itself with last rumors that season three will have an underwater theme and new mechanics. Aside from that, FortTory has also found files which suggest that energy waves will soon be added to the Doomsday device. In addition, Twitter user known as Spedicey1 has also posted an image of what the Doomsday event countdown will look like.

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