When Will Fortnite Be Back Up

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After you have known the information about how long the downtime will last, then, you also have to know when the Fortnite will be back up. By knowing it, of course, you have the real time to be back online after maintenance and improvements. So, you can be more ready to play Fortnite in new system updates.

Some time ago, Epic Games has announced that they will shut down the server for a maintenance and improvement to update the new systems. Certainly, this note probably makes some of Fortnite getting shocked. They may not be ready yet to quit from Fortnite. Or, they are completing for mission or the challenges to reach the goal. Who knows???

So, it is so normal when many Fortnite players ask the question when the Fortnite will be back up. Certainly, to answer the question is easy little bit difficult because the time to be back is something unpredictable at all.

But, in this case, we have any reference that refers to the previous Fortnite updates that has been done by Epic Games. Of course, the Epic Games have done the maintenance and improvement system not once but several times.

In fact, many Fortnite players expect that the downtime for maintenance and improvement will take the time for about 1 – 2 hours or more. So, the time can be a parameter for this new updates. Then, the main thing that you have to do is to wait its time while taking a cup of coffee and some meals.

For this maintenance patch, the Epic Games will begin on May 7, 2020 at 2 AM ET. In this chance, they do not confirm when the Fortnite will be back up. But, the one thing that must be considered is that Epic Games will confirm when the servers are going to offline and be back online on official Twitter @Fortnite. So, please stay tune!

Depending on the time when the Fortnite will be back up, the Fortnite server will be scheduled on May 7, 2020 on all major platforms at 2 AM. So, it means that the game of Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World mode cannot play for its duration of the maintenance period.

Then, when the maintenance ends, automatically, the Fortnite can be play again soon. It will be better for you not to leave your console after 3 hours since the server offline to ensure that Fortnite is back online. But, when the server is maintaining and improving, definitely you can leave the Fortnite to do some other activities.

Furthermore, this maintenance will focus on fixing some bugs and making the gameplay running smooth without any issues happen.

Need to know that the goal of this maintenance patch is to prepare for the big and hot event for Fornite Party Royale Premiere that will be held on Friday 8, 2020. Because attended by three popular musician in the world, certainly the Fortnite should fix some bugs and others.

Of course, this event is definitely as one of the big events on Fortnite in which the system should run smooth.

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