Where Are the Candy Canes in Fortnite

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Epic Games has introduced the 14 Days of Fortnite event into the Battle Royale and Save the World game on December 18th. The candy cane challenge is one of the 14 Days of Fortnite challenge. You can ride into the game on the festive Battle Bus, get their hands on snowball launches, and find a free Llama pinata in the store every day.

Once you complete the challenge, you will get a prize as part of the game’s 14 Days of Fortnite event. You may open this page to find out the information where you can find the candy canes in Fortnite. If you want to know that information, you have to read this article until end because here we are going to talk about that.


Apparently, there are four locations for finding the giant candy canes. But, you only need to visit two of them for completing the challenger. Here are the locations of giant candy canes:

  1. North of Frosty Flights

You are able to find a Candy Cane on the mountain north of Frosty Flights exactly on the hill overlooking the airstrip.

  1. Northeast of Shifty Shafts

When you go east of Shifty Shafts, there you are going to find a candy cane on top of the mountain directly to the northeast of Shifty Shafts which is waiting on a snowy hill.

  1. Southwest of Fatal Fields

You are able to find a Candy Cane on the snow covered mountain just southwest of Fatal Fields.

  1. North of Wailing Woods

You are able to find a Candy Cane on the mountain just north of Wailing Woods, on the northeast of the map, overlooking the forest.

After you visit two locations, it means that you have completed the challenge. So, you do not have to visit other locations again. In this case, you only need to ensure to be speedy getting two locations. At the moment, you have known where do you go to find the candy canes on Fortnite. Apparently, there are lots of Fortnite players who look for this information. Many people said that the candy challenge is a little complicate.

We are able to conclude that there are 4 locations of the giant candy canes. But, you only need to visit 2 locations of four total giant candy canes. With this guide, you are able to complete the challenge easier. After you have visited one or two locations, please do not leave the game. Instead, you keep playing or get your character eliminated so the locations are registered.

On the forum, we ever get information that there was a rumor that it was only three locations available to find the giant candy canes. Of course, it is wrong. In fact, there are four locations in getting the giant candy canes. When you have got a giant candy cane, so a notice will show on your screen. Remember that you do not leave the location until you have seen this notification.

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