Where Are the Vases in Fortnite

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Fortnite season 4 is now already coming. Well, you have to complete any great challenges in this season. The Fortnite Season 4 definitely will be popular with most excellent challenges in Fortnite. However, in this season, you will be offered to complete any hard-gorgeous but fun challenges that make the players so excited to do it.

Well, in Fortnite Season 4, you will not be strange anymore with Marvel characters. Indeed, the Marvel characters mostly appear in this season as Fortnite challenge. So, if you are a Marvel lover, we guess that you will be interested to complete the challenges in Fortnite Season 4.

What is one of the excellent challenges that you can complete in this season?

You may already be familiar with the skin named She-Hulk in the Awakening challenge. However, She-Hulk is an unlockable character that you can find in Fortnite Season 4. By using the Fortnite Battle Pass, of course, the players can also unlock a variety of skins and emotes from Marvel’s most iconic heroes and villains such as Wolverine, Doctor Doom, Iron Man and Thor.

Then, to unlock She-Hulk skin, you have to purchase the battle pass in this season. Once the battle pass has been bought, you surely can unlock the She-Hulk skin. Moreover, you also have to reach level 29 and complete the Jennifer Walters awakening challenge to unlock her emote.

In this season, Jennifer Walters will transform to be a green superhero, called Hulk, as Marvel superhero. She totally comes to smash any vases as the Fortnite challenge. To complete the challenge of smashing vases, you certainly have to be Jennifer Walters. Then, after smashing the vases, you have to emote which will trigger your transformation into the green superhero, that’s She-Hulk skin.

Well, there are some stages that you need to complete before doing emote as She-Hulk in the Awakening challenge. Here are they:

  • To visit Jennifer Walter’s Office as Jennifer Walters: In this challenge, you need to head to her office in Retail Row.
  • To eliminate Doctor Doom’s Henchmen as Jennifer Walters: In this challenge, you can shoot three henchmen at Doom’s Domain.
  • To smash vases: In this challenge, Jennifer Walters can transform to be She-Hulk skin. You just have to smash one vase at least.

Where are the vases in Fortnite?

Then, to complete the challenge of smashing vases as Jennifer Walters, of course, you must know where to find the vases at all. By knowing where the vases are, you surely will be easier to smash the vases.

Here are the locations that will guide you to find the vases:

  • The one main location that you have to recognize is Dirty Docks. Moreover, one vase can be found east in Dirty Docks. Then, another vase is just below the mountains at Camp Cod.
  • At Camp Cod, you will find targets and a vase among them. Then, you have to smash it soon.
  • At Holly Hedges/ Sweaty Sands, you can head there on the left of the map. Hulk should be smashing the vase.
  • At Dirty Docks, the east, you will find a big old house. You can reach it by heading inside and you can see a bunch of the vases all together. They are blue. After that, you can smash a few. You automatically will transform to be She-Hulk after emote.

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