Where is Junk Junction on the Fortnite Map Chapter 2

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You are probably so curios to find the junk junction as the place where the Treasure Map is located. However, the junk junction can be called as the important place as the key to get the Treasure Map Signpost. It is no wonder if every Fortnite player attempts to find this location. So, where is the Junk Junction on the Fortnite Map Chapter 2?

As we know that junk junction is a location in Battle Royale map. Based on Fortnite.gamepedia, this junk junction is located at northwest coordinates B1-B2, north of Haunted Hills, northwest of Starry Suburbs and the west of The Block. This was released and added to Patch 2.0 on Season 2 update.

Formerly, the junk junction is northwest area on the map. For detail, the junk junction is a small fence of scrap yard. The wall is contained with piles of scrap metal remaining of Crushed Car and Titled Tower as well. Inside the fence, there are two main buildings, they are westernmost building and easternmost building.

The westernmost building contained the stairs is going into from the ground level because this building is slightly above the ground level. This building also has an accessing way to its roof from stairs. Besides, on the roof of this building, there is a wrecking ball.

Meanwhile, for easternmost building is bigger than westernmost. This is near the junk junction which has two floors. There are two small sheds on the rooftop of this building. Need to know that this easternmost building is as a home to a basketball hoop. There are also various wooden pallets speckled around the junk junction.

Then, where is exactly the Junk Junction on the Fortnite Map Chapter 2? To help you in finding the location, here, we give you the direction where the location of junk junction is.

The junk junction is totally a small junkyard with a near endless amount of metal located in the far Northwest corner of the Battle Royale Map. Because of the location is remote and having the low population, this is really a good place for a new player to try getting their bearings. The junk junction is so amazing place in which the north of location is a large metal llalam and to the east is a movie studio and a racetrack.

However, this location is a great space for passive player. By visiting this place, they can really practice and master their play-style on Fortnite. Besides, they can find the great strategy to battle. But, you have to avoid the junk junction if you are an aggressive player because this place is not suitable for you. Then, if the junk junction can be reached by bus route, then, there will likely be more players here. Once, visiting this place just fits for a newcomer of Fortnite at all.

Well, you already know where the junk junction location is. Now, it is your turn trying to find it by following the direction that we have showed above. Make sure that you really follow the direction step by step and don’t miss a step.

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