Where is Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite

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Are you looking for the information about the location of the Rainbow Rentals?
Where is the exactly the Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite?
Then, what is the Rainbow Rentals?

Before you go on completing some hard challenges in Fortnite, of course, you will read some facts about it as well. Without learning and understanding the challenges first, absolutely, you cannot complete the challenge well and fast. So, in this case, understanding a lot about the topic about the challenges is a must for you.

Recently, Fortnite has released some hard challenges for about 18 sets that you can choose. One of the challenges is to dance at the Lake Canoe, Camp Cod and the Rainbow Rentals. Certainly, before you complete the challenges, you have to know where the places are. Without knowing them, of course, you will misguide and spending much time to complete this challenge.

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Then, in this chance, we will focus on where the Rainbow Rentals is in Fortnite.

Rainbow Rentals can be defined as the landmark that you can find along the coast south-west of the Holly Hedges in A6. Definitely, a fast way to find this landmark is to land on the beach with your glider. Then, walk along until you find the landmark title that appears. Because of this challenge allow you to dance, so, you have to dance with your heart away.

As we have known that this challenge is one of many challenges that you need to complete in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 in which you should dance at Lake Canoe, Camp Cod and Rainbow Rentals. So, we can conclude that there are the other places which are the sets of this challenge. Certainly, you cannot leave the other places, not to learn about it.

Well, you will also need some information about the other places as the part of this challenges. The other places are Lake Canoe and Camp Cod.

Then, what are those places and where to find them?

Lake Canoe is a lake in Fortnite that can toward the east of the map close to the Dirty Docks and the Grotto in G5. Definitely, you can recognize the place by about fifty canoes scattered around. Then, to complete the challenge in this place, you can go anywhere near it and dance well.

Camp Cod can be mentioned as a challenging place located on the small island that is connected to the main island, in G8 as the giant island in the south which may or may not be the original of Map’s visitor.

Even though, this island is one of the places that should be visited to complete the challenges. After you got it, you have to dance soon in this island. Make sure that you dance in the camp to complete this section of the challenge.


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