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You may come to this page to find out the information where you can find Shadow Ollie in Fortnite. Actually, this is one of the challenges in week 8. To get more information regarding this challenge, you have to read this article until end.

Skye’s Adventure Challenges are available in Week 8. It means that there is another loyalty mission up for grabs for those who complete both weeks of objectives. If you want to where to find Shadow Ollie at Weeping Woods or Ghost Ollie at Frenzy Farm, so you are able to read this guide below.

In order to access this challenge, you have to first complete 18 Skye’s Adventure Challenges with the Skye skin unlocked. That means you need to reach level 80 in the Fortnite Season 2 Battle Pass as well. After you have already done that, you will be able to head to one of the two locations.


If you want to find Shadow Ollie, so you are able to find them in Weeping woods. It is in the point of interest’s eastern area, near a car around the big cabin. If you have trouble finding it, you are able to listen for the din of music that will point you in the right direction. Please collect Shadow Ollie, and then you will be able to unlock the dark Shadow variant of Skye.


If you want to find Ghost Ollie, so you are able to find them at Frenzy Farm which is in the northeastern area of the location, at an open area outside the fields, to the left of a shed. Please collect Shadow Ollie, and you will be able to get a white-themed Ghost Skye skin variant instead. You cannot get both the Shadow and Ghost variants at once, so just pick the one you like most. Well, that is all you need to know about Shadow Ollie and Ghost Ollie in Fortnite.


Finding Shadow Ollie or Ghost Ollie is the very last task involved with the Skye’s Adventure Challenges available in Fortnite for Week 7 and Week 8. For those who still working towards that new skin variant, here are the latest objectives you can complete.

  1. Search the chests at Landmarks.
  1. Eliminate the players with SMGs from within 15 meters.
  2. Hit 5 consecutive weak points while harvesting the materials.
  3. Fly a Choppa under the Purple, Red and Blue Steel Bridges.
  4. Stoke a Campfire, consume a Foraged Apple, consume a Foraged Mushroom.
  5. Land at the Shark and locate the Agency in the match.
  6. Hit pistol headshots on the players or Henchmen.
  7. Search Skye’s Sword in the Stone found in the high places.
  8. Block Damage with a Kingsman.
  9. Bounce on Crash Pads in different matches (three)

After you finish everything and have a total of 18 Skye’s Adventure Challenges done, so you will be to make the decision described above.

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