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Since you are playing Fortnite, you may already know of the Fortnite squad named NRG. However, NRG is one of popular esports organizations noted in Epic Games as the competitive Fortnite squad. Then, the treading news comes from this famous Fortnite squad. So, what is it?

Recently, the NRG team has all moved into the NRG Fortnite house. They are Edgey, Ronaldo, Clix and Unknown which moved into the new NRG house. NRG was bringing them back to the Fortnite team. This organization announced that they have been creating the NRG Fortnite House on August 9, 2020. Then, on August 17, 2020, the first members of the team as we have explained before moved to the new NRG house.

Co-CEO’s Andy Miller and Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez are two people who really understand the value of the content. Then, look at any team across the NRG roster as well as their Call of Duty and Overwatch franchises, of course, you will see the importance they put themselves on creating the storylines around their players.

Well, the man behind this surprise is Executive Producer @GradyRains which made a breakthrough so that you will get a chance to see some of your favorite stars in a whole new light.

Initially, it will be Ben “Edgey” Peterson, Dominick “Unknown” Green and new recruit “Ronaldo” to join with Clix at the NRG Fortnite house. At the beginning, with the signing of Cody “Clix” Conrod early last month, as NRG esports cemented a great place for them. Now, NRG esports are taking them to the next level.

Well, the young players are already playing on the longstanding “beef” between Clix and Unknown. Flash back to an incident at the FNCS Solo Invitational in which this pair have been trolling each other back and forth for months now.

But, the problem between two NRG players is an excellent example of the way NRG keeps the fans engaged. Luckily, Ronaldo has offered to be a host of “Dr Phil Stream” for his two housemates. So, we are sure that they will be best friends soon.

Besides from their YouTube contents and streams, you also can hope for a bunch of exciting non Fortnite content to feast on. Well, from challenge video to IRL Vlogs, the possibilities probably will not be endless. In the future, they could be visited by Benjyfishy.

By making them move to the new house, however, it was a genius way from NRG to ensure that no matter the climate of competitive Fortnite. When they are gathered in a house, they will be the ones everyone is talking about. So, the exciting times will be coming soon. So, watch them a lot if you want!

Well, if you are a NRG teams fan, of course, you will absolutely desire to know their daily activities in their new house. Well, in this chance, we cannot inform you the exact location of NRG Fortnite house due to the privacy.

But, you can still watch them in a new NRG house tour on the official NRG YouTube channel named NRG Esports by clicking this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgovswOAZKU.

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