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Do you already know the name of Daequan on Fortnite? If you are a veteran Fortnite player, you may know with the name. But, if you are a newcomer of Fortnite, of course, you will be unfamiliar with the name. Then, you may be curious when you hear the name on Fortnite.  So, who is he? And what influence of his existence on Fortnite?

AS a newcomer of Fortnite, certainly you are allowed to follow someone who has become the best professional competitive player as well. However, it will lead you to get a chance to be the best player of Fortnite someday. Learning and following the play style of one professional player on Fortnite is a must for you even you are so ambitious to be a competitive player on Fortnite. Then, how to get play style of the best Fortnite player?

That’s no worried because there are many streamers of Fortnite who has become the best professional players. They always share the tips and tricks about the strategy or clues of playing the Fortnite on Stream or YouTube Channel. Generally, they will give you suggest and strategy to play the game or new mission on Fortnite. Certainly, they already give the easy ways for you to do it because they have reached the higher level. So, who is the influential streamer now to follow?

One of professional streamers and competitive player of Fortnite that you can follow is Daequan. You may be strange to hear his name, but on Streamer, YouTube Channel and Tweeter, he is totally popular. Daequan or TSM Daequan Loco is a best competitive and professional Fortnite player who has YouTube Channel and Twitch Streamer. His official tweeter account is @TSM_Daequan and his YouTube Channel is Daequan Loco.

Daequan comes from America but recently resides in Los Angeles, California. He was born on May 12, 1994, now he is at 25 ages. Daequan is also well-known as the popularizing the Double Pump, winning the Fortnite’s early and comedic humor.

Absolutely, he got started to create YouTubu Channel focusing on Fortnite content. In February 2018, he joined with TSM as the competitive Fortnite Squad. TSM or Team Solo Mid is one of competitive Fortnite team in which each member has reached the high level. His two partners are Myth and Hamlinz. The team also has a YouTube Channel names TSM. They always share their daily activities, personal life, Fortnite play-style and many more on TSM Channel. Besides, they also share about their health.

Then, as of June 4, 2019, Daequan got problem on his health. Even though, he always update on his tweeter just to say to his fans. Certainly, many fans hope that he will be back soon to TSM. The bad news as of December 17, 2019, he is back to tell about his health on his tweeter.

He tweeted that there is something wrong with his lung. He has four lung collapses on his left side. Even tough, he still confirmed that he was ok until now. But, most of fans are getting worried for his health and they hope he is still alive. Well, we give prays for him to get well soon, ok!

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