Where to Find a Giant Throne in Fortnite

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is definitely presenting a special stage of Marvel. In fact, Epic Games and Marvel have been partnered for a long time. So, it does not wonder if many Marvel Superheroes are coming to Fortnite, especially in this season.

As a Marvel fan, you certainly recognize all of Marvel superheroes. Moreover, Superheroes of Marvel actually have certain strengths and great weapons which they use against their enemies. Of course, many fans of Marvel will recognize the heroes’ weapons too.

Marvel Superheroes come to Fortnite to offer any awesome challenge that the players should complete. Marvel’s challenge in Fortnite is called the Awakening Challenge. Especially in this season, almost every challenge offered is full of Marvel superheroes.

What is the Great of Marvel’s Challenge to Complete in Fortnite?

In this season, Doctor Doom comes to Fortnite to complete the challenge: where to visit a giant throne. Of course, you already know who Doctor Doom is in Marvel Avengers. Indeed, it is such a great challenge that you can complete as Doctor Doom.

Indeed, one of the attractive little additions to the map of Fortnite Season 4 is the giant throne that you have to find in the game. However, this is such a hard challenge that you can complete even if you do not know where to find the location of a giant throne. So, the main thing that you’ll need in this challenge is to know the exact location of the giant throne.

Where to Find a Giant Throne in Fortnite?

You may want to complete this challenge as Doctor Doom. Of course, it is not totally wrong for you because this challenge is really a must to complete. But, you need to know the location of the giant throne first.

The giant throne in Fortnite can be found near Retail Row on the snowy hill. Need to know that the giant throne does not visibly look like a throne with the back of the throne made up of the trees. On the other word, this is definitely something you can overlook at first glance.

To find the giant throne in Fortnite, you will have to head towards Retail Row. Then, to a small mountain like area which is to the southeast of it. Then, on this snowy mountain facing towards Retail Row is a throne made out of rock and trees. You can also find a couple chest which can spawn here as well. So, it may be worth landing there in the game.

Why You Need to Find Out the Giant Throne in Season 4?

Well, Doctor Doom Awakening Challenges is here as a part of the season. To complete this challenge, you definitely should dress up as Doctor Doom and head to the location.

What Will You Get After Completing This Challenge?

Once you complete Doctor Doom Awakening Challenge, you just have one Awakening Challenge left out to do before you can unlock the Victory Von Doom emote during your victory.

Now, it’s your turn to grab the Doctor Doom Awakening Challenge to find a giant throne in Fortnite.

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