Where to Find an Apple in Fortnite

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Apparently, the Fortnite Trick Shot challenges were released. The name might have you a little confused. Although they are called Trick Shot challenges, but none of the challenges actually involve doing trick shots.

Most of the Fortnite challenges are pretty straightforward like eliminations with Pistols and  damage with the Shotguns. Others challenges might need a little extra guidance like this challenge. Although easy to understand, but you have to know exactly where the Orchard is. Because you are at this page, here we are going to inform you where you need to go to find the apples at the Orchard. For your information, the Orchard is located near Frenzy Farm, although it is a little more north of there.


When you land there, you are going to notice apple trees in the area with some apples that have landed on the ground. If you have been playing for a while, you have likely consumed apples in the past. But if not, all you need to do is look at the apple and then a button is going to appear (depending on what system you are playing on) that shows how to consume the apple. In this case, you have to hold on to that button for about a second and you are going to eat the apple. As in the past, after you have eaten the apple, you are going to obtain five health (if you need it).

The hardest part of this Fortnite challenge will be fighting off others for apples. Most likely, many people will be landing here to complete the challenge on their own. It means that the apples may be gone if you wait too long. Other than that, this Fortnite challenge is pretty simple and you are able to accomplish it quickly.

Now, you have know the information where you find the apples at the Orchard in Fortnite. We are sure that you are able to solve the challenge. After you complete the challenge, make sure that you get the rewards. Although this look so easy, but make sure that you are really know the location of the Orchard. If you still be confuse where to find the apples at the Orchard, in the text below, we are going to explain it once again.


As we said before that the Orchard is able to be found at the north side of Frenzy Farm, just across the road from the main farm area in grid F3 of the map. You are going to see a large Farmers Market with a distinctive red llama or rooster sign on the roof. Just behind it on either side of a red barn and a farmhouse are the Orchard fields. There are big clusters of trees in both fields, and underneath you must find a large number of foraged apples to consume. You are going to need to have less than 100 health in order to consume the foraged apples because each adds 5 to your health.

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