Where to Find the Boat Launch in Fortnite

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Finding a Boat Launch is one of challenges that you have to complete in the Dockyard Deal in the Week 4. Besides Boat Launch, other locations that you have to find are Coral Cove and Flopper Pond. Do you know where these locations are? Let’s find out them together.

If you want to complete this challenge, you have to complete all three of these locations on the map of Fortnite. Boat launch was added to the map after the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 but Coral Cove and Flopper Pond are landmarks. So, Coral Cove and Flopper Pond do not appear as named locations on the map of Fortnite. But, their names will be revealed when you get into the location.

Location of Boat Launch in Fortnite

Boat Launch is able to be found by going to the south-west of Misty Meadows. Then, near its peak, you will find a small cabin. Behind it, you will find a boat balanced carefully on the edge of a cliff which is the Boat Launch. The Boat Launch can be said as the fun one of the three locations. This is a kind of a movie set where there is a boom mic and a camera accompanying a boat perched on the edge of a cliff and there is not much water in sight. For your information, this Boat Launch is also the site of one of the flaming rings that you have to jump through for another one of the challenges of this week.

The Locations of Flopper Pond in Fortnite

The Flopper Pond in Fortnite is a small pond and it is located to the north-west, past Slurpy Swamp and Weeping Woods. So, you are able to find it directly east of Holly Hedges and south of Sweaty Sands. In the map, the point of this location is C4/ C5. Flopper Pond has a house, a dock and a pond. Based on Fortnite Wiki in Gamepedia, Flopper Pond was added to the Battle Royale map in the Chapter 2 Season 1. In the Flopper Pond, there is a fascinating small house on a pond, a small fishing dock, a boat in the water and you are able to say that it is a little slice of heaven.

Location Of The Coral Cove

Coral Cove is located in the north west of Sweart Sands on the edge of the map. It is near the smaller islands which are attached to the map.

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