Where to Find Wolverine Claw Marks in Fortnite

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In Wolverine’s challenge, you also have to find Wolverine Claw Marks as the one of requirements to obtain Wolverine’s skin. Wolverine was introduced in Fortnite Season 4 v14.20 patch notes along with Takeover TLM and BTS Royale Party.

In fact, Claw Marks is one of tricky challenges that you should complete in Fortnite Season 4 Week 1. Once you complete the Wolverine Claw Marks and another challenge, you definitely will have a chance to unlock Wolverine’s gorgeous skin in Fortnite.

In this challenge, you definitely have to investigate any mysterious Claw Marks in any location. On the other hand, the Wolverine’s challenge is a bit hard to do. Well, if you want to succeed in completing this tricky challenge, of course, you must know well where the exact location to investigate the mysterious Claw Marks.

You may ever seen the Claw Marks while you are taking down Wolverine in some spot at the location where Wolverine spawns. But, at that time, you do not know that the marks lying on the ground is included as Wolverine’s challenge.

Once you know that Wolverine Claw Marks should be found in Fortnite, of course, the main thing that you’ll need is a Fortnite map. Generally, if you want to find any locations in Fortnite island, the map is really needed to ease you.

Well, are you interested to find Wolverine Claws Marks?

Where to Find Wolverine  Claw Marks in Fortnite?

You already know that the location to take down the Wolverine is in Weeping Woods. While you hit him, you may see many claw marks lying. Generally, the mysterious Claw Marks definitely can be found in Weeping Woods. The location of Weeping Woods is in C5, C6, D5 and D6 on the Fortnite map.

So, here are the all spots in Weeping Woods to find Claw Marks of Wolverine:

  • Wolverine’s Claw Marks – Location 1:

This is the first location to find Claw Mark. It is located in the southeast section of the Weeping Woods. Well, in this location, you will find a trailer park. Then, you will find that this trailer has Claw Marks on its side. So, you will find the mysterious Claw Marks on the side of a trailer.

  • Wolverine’s Claw Marks – Location 2:

The second location of the mysterious Claw Mark is just south of the first location. In this location, you just need to go to the nearby bathroom building. Then, you will find some Claw Marks on the stall.

  • Wolverine’s Claw Marks – Location 3:

Then, you totally can find a third mysterious Claw Mark at the shack on a hill in the southern section of the Pol. Then, you can get the Claw Mark on the rock next to the shack.

  • Wolverine’s Claw Marks – Location 4:

The fourth mysterious Claw Mark can be found at the little pond towards the center of Weeping Woods. Well, the Claw Mark can be seen on a rock. So, you just visit three out of four of these locations.

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