Which LA Laker Wore Fortnite Shoes During a Basketball Game?

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Fortnite is really popular. A lot of people love playing this game, including popular individual. JJ Watt from the NFL is not the only professional athlete talking about Fortnite these days. There is also a former player of Los Angeles Laker who wore Fortnite shoes during a baseball game. Which one was it?

Josh Hart, a former guard from LA Lakers was wearing some Fortnite shoes during a basketball game. This one is apparently a big fan of the Battle Royale game. his love and passion for the game is known by many spectators. The player is such a big fan that he had Fortnite inspired shoes commissioned and wore them on the court last February.

An artist based in Los Angeles named Salvador Amexcua, who goes by the nickname Kickstrodamis, created a custom pair of Nike Kobe shoes for Josh Hart. The shoes are pretty slick looking, with a purple and green color combination and the name of Hart featured on them. They are vivid and brightly colored, much like the game, and depict a variety of amazing features. Aside from that, there is also an image of Hart if he were a character of Fortnite and a line that says Eliminated By JoshHartNova. The artist decided to hand deliver the custom shoes to Hart at his home where he, surprisingly, was playing Fortnite.

Josh Hart wore his wondeful new Fortnite shoes during at least the warmup of the Laker’s game on February matchup against the Sacramento Kings. It is not clear if he actually wore the shoes during the game itself, as the rules of NBA might not allow it, but either way, he scored 10 points in the game.

For those who are not really familiar with Josh Hart, he is a professional basketball player from the United State of America for the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball Association or NBA. This one was chosen in the first round of the 2017 NBA draft by the Utah Jazz with the 30th overall pick before being traded on draft night to the LA Lakers.

Josh Hart played college basketball for Billanova. As a sophomore, he was named the Big East Tournament most outstanding player. The player was named a third team All American as a junior, when he played lead the Wildcats to the national championship in 2016. As a senior player in 2017, the Fortnite fan was a consensus first team All American. He played a couple of season for the LA Lakers before being traded to the New Orleans in 2019 in a package for Anthony Davis.

Josh Hart’s love for Fortnite is not questionable. A lot of people have noticed it, including Kickstrodamis who gave him shoes inspired by Fortnite. Just like Hart, JJ Watt is also proven as a fan of Fortnite. The athlete posted a question on his personal account asking to choose between Fortnite and PUBG with Fortnite came out as the winner. In the end, he enjoys playing it.

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