Why is Ninja So Good and So Popular at Fortnite?

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As a player of Fortnite, you may will be familiar with a YouTuber known as Ninja. He is very good and popular at Fortnite. There are many reasons why he is so good and popular at Fortnite. In this article, we are going to talk more about Ninja, just keep staying on this page.

Ninja is a professional Halo player. Currently, he is a streamer for Luminosity Gaming. He has been a professional Fortnite gamer for years. He is well known for his popular Twitch stream as well as his time on teams such as Renegades, Evil Geniuses, Cloud9, Team Liquid and Warriors. He is best known for str​​eaming Fortnite. It is the most popular Twitch streamer to date with over seven million followers and an average of over 80,000 viewers per stream. For your information, Ninja was born on June 5, 1991 in Lake Villa, Illinois. Currently, he lives and resides nearby Chicago, Illinois with his wife.


Halo 3

Ninja’s professional career started after attending MLG Orlando 2009 as a member of Four of a Kind, with Mac, Nate and Aye Rab. In the first event, Ninja would place 26th at MLG Anaheim 2009, with the team of Goatsii, Mota, and Bluefir3. Besides,Ninja joined Zekkou White where he finished 13th at MLG Dallas 2010. He wasteaming up with Ali, Trip and Venom. Then, he joined Second Nature with Rowan, Goatsii, and Masssta, placing 25th in MLG Columbus 2010.

Halo 4

Ninja won his first professional tournament; it was at The Halo 4 Exhibition. Then under Warriors alongside Goofy, Legit and Ryanoob. The team placed 2nd in both AGL Chicago and AGL Nashville in 2013. Ninja joined G4C with Snip3down, Proverb and A Pure Gangster, winning AGL6 Pittsburgh. After that, he decide to go back to the Warriors with A Pure Gangster replacing Ryanoob. After rejoining Warriors for UMG Chicago, Ninja made his worst finish in all of Halo 4 placing 3rd. He would win his last Halo 4 event after joining Team Requiem with Legit, Ace and Derksy to place 1st at AGL8 Knoxville.

Halo 5

In the off season, Aries, Shooter and Spartan were replaced with Ace, UnLegit and Chig. Hysteria replaced Chig once he left after the first qualifier cup. Eventually, he joined Renegades with Victory X, Spartan, and StelluR when the team had gone through lots of team changes under such short time. Later, they went on to place 4th (at X Games Aspen 2016).


  • Ninja’s height is 6 foot 1 inch(1.85m).
  • Ninja is one of the most popular streamers on Halo.
  • He has made some appearances on the popular game show “Family Feud” in 2015.
  • He is the subject of an episode of Walshy’s Halo History.
  • Currently, he is one of the most popular solo streamers on Twitch.

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