Will Apex Legends Kill Fortnite?

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Apparently, Apex Legends isn’t the Fortnite killer. As we know that Apex Legends is already a great game. It came out of nowhere a year ago as only another Battle Royale game. Later, three days later, already ten million players registered and an average of one million concurrent players. However, it is unlikely that Apex Legends will kill Fortnite and turn it into a runner-up in the battle royale race. Here is why:


As we know that Fortnite is available on almost any platform including PC, console, and mobile. The players are able to enjoy the game and play it together at anytime. Since the game is not too intensive for low-end processors and graphic cards, more people are able to run Fortnite and play it. For PC players, Apex Legends need a good PC build to run smoothly.


For those who are new players of Fortnite or people who are not familiar with games are able to be crushed by proficient builders once they are playing Fortnite. All you need to understand once you start playing the game of Fortnite is that there are the weapons with different rarities, On the game, you have limited space in your inventory to grab them. You are able to destroy almost anything to harvest material, with which you are able to build structures. In Apex Legends, you also have weapon attachments of different rarities which affect certain characteristics of the weapon you are using. You have characters with their own skills and mechanics which create them unique.


Despite Fortnite being a shooting game in which on the game you are able to kill other people, its cartoony art and visual effects look less aggressive or real than that of Apex Legends. Even, it has violent ways of fishing off an enemy. Of course, this is one of reason why Fortnite is save for the kids or children’s. Until now, there are many childrens who like playing the game of Fortnite.  Yes, lots of kids younger than 12 and 16 are going to find play both these games, and lots of parents will not care either way. However, the number of parents who do care and prefer their kids to play Fortnite.


You have to know that Fortnite has a single currency: V-Bucks. The players of Fortnite are able to acquire them by either playing the game or purchasing them with real money. The only things you are able to unlock with V-Bucks are the new cosmetic items which do not unlock any new feature or character and work only as the visual change.

While Apex Legends microtransactions are complex enough. The game has 3 currencies: loot boxes, a featured item shop, and characters. They have skills and features that are not seen in free characters. It means that the players do not have access to all gameplay mechanics available in Apex Legends.

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