You Must Know About Main Stonewood Quests on Fortnite

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Taking Progress of Stonewood is such a fun way that you just can do in Fortnite. However, completing the Stonewood in Fortnite is similar to the Fortnite challenges which are often offered by Epic Games. Then, what things you must know about main Stonewood Quests in Fortnite?

If you do not know yet what the Stonewood in Fortnite is, it is totally normal because some other Fortnite players, especially for newcomers of Fortnite do not recognize a lot for it. In this case, Stonewood is one of the four available map locations in Fortnite.

Stonewood is the first map location in which the players will interact with. This mao also has a Recommended Power Level of 1-19. Unlike the other Fortnite map, access to the Stonewood does not require a completion of any mission. It means that you can go to the map freely.

Of course, to take progress on the Stonewood map, the players have to complete Quests. The Stonewood Quests here help the player to acquaint with the mechanic of the game.

Stonewood Quests Lists

To know any quests of Stonewood, you surely can see the list of Stonewood Quests on Fortnite as follow:

Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1

  • Establish Your Storm Shield
  • Defend Your Storm Shield

Quest Reward:

  • 100x V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks
  • 2x Common Survivors
  • 1x Uncommon BASE Kyle
  • Squad Slot: Scouting Party (1/7)

Before and After Science

  • Complete 1 Fight the Storm mission

Quest Reward:

  • 200x Medium bullets icon.pngMedium Bullets
  • 1x Uncommon Automatic Sniper Rifle
  • 1x Uncommon Wall Darts Schematic
  • Pickaxe Upgrade: Weakpoint Vision

Ride the Lightning

  • Complete 1 Ride the Lightning mission

Quest Reward:

  • 1x Handmade Healing Pad Schematic
  • 1x Handmade Ruler Sword Schematic
  • Level Up: Heavy Melee Attack

Homebase Storm Shield Defense 2

  • Complete Homebase Storm Shield Defense 2

Quest Rewards:

  • 100x V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks
  • 1x Uncommon Explorer Lead Survivor
  • Squad Slot: Scouting Party [Lead]

Gimme Three

  • Save 3 Survivors in successful missions

Quest Rewards:

  • Complete 1 mission in a 3+ zone
  • 1000x Hero xp icon.pngHero XP
  • Level Up: Heroes

Retrieve the Data

  • Complete 1 Retrieve the Data mission.

Quests Rewards:

  • 1000x Schematic xp icon.pngSchematic XP
  • 1x Uncommon Ranged Weapon Schematic
  • 1x Uncommon Ceiling Gas Trap Schematic
  • Level Up: Weapon Schematics
  • Level Up: Trap Schematics

Homebase Storm Shield Defense 3

  • Complete Homebase Storm Shield Defense 3

Quest Rewards:

  • 100x V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks
  • 1x Skill points icon.pngUpgrade Points
  • Squad Slot: Scouting Party (2/7)
  • Level Up: Upgrades and Gadgets


  • To collect 5 pieces of Research Equipment in a 5+ City, Industrial zone or Suburban,

Quests Rewards:

  • 500x Research points icon.pngResearch Points
  • 1x Rare Predator
  • Level Up: Research

Build Off!

  • Complete the Constructor Build Off mission

Quest Rewards:

  • 3x Copper ore icon.pngCopper Ore
  • 1x Rotating gizmo icon.pngRotating Gizmo
  • Level Up: Increase Building Upgrade Level (2)

To Boldly Go…

  • Fully explore 1 3+ zone in a successful mission

Quest Rewards:

  • 1000x Hero xp icon.pngHero XP
  • 1x Uncommon Pathfinder Jess

Enter the Ninja

  • Eliminate 20 Husks in successful missions with a Melee Weapon

Quest Rewards:

  • 1000x Hero xp icon.pngHero XP
  • 1x Uncommon Assassin Sarah

Rescue the Survivors

  • Complete 1 mission in a 5+ zone

Quest Rewards:

  • 1500x Hero xp icon.pngHero XP
  • 1x Rare Defender Post Schematic
  • 1x Common Rifleman Trainee
  • 1x Common Bruiser
  • 1x Rare Highlander
  • Level Up: Defenders
  • Mission Defender Slot: 1/3
  • Storm Shield Defender: 1/5

Homebase Storm Shield Defense 4

  • Complete Homebase Storm Shield Defense 4

Quest Rewards:

  • 100x V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks
  • Squad Slot: Fire Team Alpha (1/7)


Mandatory Minimalism

  • Search 5 Garbage Cans for lost items in a 9+ City, Suburban or Industrial zone

Quest Rewards:

  • 1x Mini reward llama icon.pngMini Reward Llama
  • Level Up: Recycling and Collection

Of course, there are still many quests that you should know in Stonewood. You can see all of the quests at

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