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As Fortnite player, definitely, you are not strange anymore with some professional Streamers of Fortnite. The streamers here can be defined as the best competitive players in biggest scale in the world. Many popular streamers can be found on Twitch or YouTube that always update to share their Fortnite gameplay.

The streamers have varying ages in which it can be starting from kids’ age until adult. On Twitch or YouTube, you may often find either many youngest streamers or oldest streamers. So, it can be concluded that the player of Fortnite comes from various ages as well.

Nowadays, the Fortnite gaming world is livened up with an issue about youngest Fortnite streamer that has been banned by Epic games for 1500 days. Why?

The outstanding issue is that he was forbidden to play Fortnite in Arena Mode. It is means that he was for not being old enough to play a role in Arena Mode. So, that’s why he was banned by Epic Games not to play Fortnite until certain time.

Then, who is he?

On Fortnite, the name of younger popular streamer is well-known as Zenon. Zenon becomes popular when he created his official account on Twitch and YouTube to share his gameplay. Zenon is a famous 9 years old Brazilian streamer in which his existence is so influential on Fortnite.

As we have known that he is very young to play Fortnite. In fact, Epic Games announced that the minimum of age that can play Fortnite is in 14 years old. But, in real, there are many youngest players who have played Fortnite and get a great skill during playing Fortnite.

So as for Zenon, although he is young, but his gameplay on Fortnite also beat the adult skill out on Fortnite. It is proven by having his official YouTube Channel and Twitch.

On his official channel, he always update to give the audience many videos about his gameplay on Fortnite. On YouTube, at least there are more than 300 videos that he has been posted. With 165K subscribers, it can be a parameter in which in this age, he already have many fans that always waits him for his gameplay sharing.

Then, if you are also interested to watch his Fortnite videos on YouTube, you can watch it through this link: https://www.youtube.com/user/bombomzinha22/videos. You can definitely choose the videos as you desire to see what he was doing on Fortnite.

Then, if you always get in touch with Twitch, you can find him on this link: https://m.twitch.tv/zenon_gp/profile.

Unfortunately, the punishment greatly hit him in which his account was banned by Epic Games from any competitive matches for almost 1,500 days.

His serious case makes many influential Fortnite streamers publishing the Hashtag on Twitter that say #FreeZenon. One of them is Tyler Ninja that we have known as the biggest and best competitive players on Fortnite.

Many of them said that he should not be banned just caused by his age, if there is no other aspect of the game. Certainly, it can be as a form of concern given by other Fortnite players.

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